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   Children with Attention Deficit    
  Hyperactivity  Disorder (ADHD) 

In treating those with ADHD, too much attention has been paid to the stimulant medicine, Ritalin, in the past ten years.   Unsatisfied parents are turning increasingly to the non-drug treatments by chiropractors who focus on nutrition and posture, and lifestyle changes which can affect brain activity and contribute to this disorder.

Our office offers a non-drug treatment alternative for ADHD patients that focuses on the underlying problems, rather than just masking the problem with drugs.

Since postural muscles influence brain activity, proper attention to posture can lead to favorable changes in brain activity, and therefore brain development, and the alleviation of ADHD.  The same may be said about musculoskeletal imbalance.  Improper balance in the musculo-skeletal system will create an imbalance of brain activity, which is observed in ADHD patients.  It may be that a simple chiropractic adjustment will cure the problem entirely.  

The doctor also focuses on nutrition and lifestyle changes, recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes that may help correct or prevent biochemical imbalances that cause ADHD.   Negative influences such as food dyes, preservatives, sugar, pesticides, nicotine, and alcohol deserve close attention.

      JA February 5, 2005

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